Week 4 was not a bore!

Upcoming Dates and Reminders-

9/21 Monday PJ Day, Gym
9/22 Tuesday Silly Socks, Art
9/23 Wednesday Crazy Hair, Steam
9/24 Thursday Hat Day (Walkathon), Music
9/25 Friday Maize & Blue day, Gym
9/30 Book Orders due

Thank you so much to all those that have donated to Walkathon.  I’m excited at the progress our class is making and can’t wait to walk with your children next week.

Mystery Readers

Mrs. Elders, our first-grade paraprofessional, was our Mystery Reader this week. Sign up for a “Virtual Mystery Reader” slot by clicking this link. Thank you for supporting our little readers.

Scholastic Book Orders

Connect to Our Class Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/QQJNN
Class Code: QQJNN
Shop the flyers with your child: https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=667327
Class Order Due Date: 09/30/2020

Paper flyers were sent home Thursday.  All books ship to the class, and I hand them out to the kids to take home. Thank you for encouraging the love of reading!


Star of the Day – Four new friends were Star of the Day this week- Ryan, Abbey, Violet, and Connor. Each got to be the line leader and sit at the teacher desk!

Quote of the Week –  This week’s quote went to Anastasia. She worked really hard on her listening skills and trying to improve them this week.


First Grade Family Time –  At the assembly, we celebrated our learning, give awards for the quote of the week, along with awards for lost teeth, shoe-tying, & birthdays from the week. Here are our “award-winning” first-graders from today’s family time.


Reading– We got our reading partners and book nook spots this week.  We also started learning about how readers create good habits like taking a sneak peek and what to do when we get to the end of a book.

Writing – We started writing small moment stories.  We planned them out by thinking of ideas, touching the page, saying our ideas out loud, and then sketching pictures to help us remember what we want to write.

Math –  We continued to work on identifying number partners (pairs) for numbers 1-10. We even did chalk math outside!

Social & Emotional – Little Penguin joined our class this week and we worked on some different breathing exercises like pizza breathing and star breathing.

Word Study – Rasheed the Lion joined our class too! We all looked at our names and pointed out what we noticed, syllables, vowels, blends, digraphs and the different sounds all the letters can make. We went on a word hunt around the class to notice words and letters.

Week 3, First Grade is the place to be!

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

  • Monday, September 14: Gym
  • Tuesday, September 15: Art, First day of LIBRARY
  • Wednesday, September 16: STEAM
  • Thursday, September 17: Music, Celebrate Emmie’s Birthday
  • Friday, September 18: No Specials, recess only, Celebrate Hector’s Birthday
    • Early Release
  • Thursday, September 24th: Walkathon


  • Walkathon paperwork came home with your child on Friday. This is our ONLY fundraiser of the year, and it is HUGE for our PTC! Please return these fundraisers in your child’s blue folder before the Walkathon on September 24.
  • We would love to have you, or another person who is special to your first grader, sign up to be a virtual mystery reader this year! These “visits” will be done via Zoom, and we will still keep them a SURPRISE for students! You may read any book you like.

Sign up for a “Virtual Mystery Reader” slot by clicking this link. Thank you for supporting our little readers!

Mr. Waldie, our new principal, was our first Mystery Reader, and this week, Mrs. Golin, our English Learners’ teacher, came and read to us in English and Spanish.

Scholastic Book Orders

Connect to Our Class Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/QQJNN         Class Code: QQJNN
Shop the flyers with your child: https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=667327
Class Order Due Date: 09/30/2020 

Paper flyers should arrive and be sent home this week.  All books ship to the class, and I hand them out to the kids to take home. Thank you for encouraging the love of reading!


10 Star Reward – We did it! Our amazing class of first graders earned 10 stars! We celebrated by having pajama day Friday! ❤️

Star of the Day – We started Star of the Day this week.  The students’ Digital All About Me Slides turned out so cute and have been fun to see in our slide shows. We had four star students in our classroom this week- Lucy, Sykler, Brayden, and Ella. Each got to be the line leader and sit at the teacher desk!

Quote of the Week –  This week’s quote went to Madelyn for never giving up and always trying her best!

First Grade Family Time –  At the assembly, we celebrated our learning, give awards for the quote of the week, along with awards for lost teeth, shoe-tying, & birthdays from the week. Here are our “award-winning” first-graders from today’s family time.


Reading– We learned about our Reader’s Workshop model of a mini-lesson, LOTS of time to read, and a share at the end.

Writing – We began writing with some fun prompts this week.  What superpower would you have, favorite holidays, and future careers (to celebrate Labor Day).

Math – This week’s math lessons focused on simple addition and subtraction from 0-10. We used our math workbooks for the first time, and we wrote lots of partner equations.

Social & Emotional – We continued learning about our emotions this week and brainstormed a list of emotions that we can feel.

Word Study – We have been working on reviewing our letter names and sounds from kindergarten!

Morning Tubs- We started morning tubs for Soft Start this week.  It is fun to see how creative the kids get each day.  They are really enjoying them.









Week 2 Flew!

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

9/8 Day 3- PE, All About Me Slides due in Google Classroom
9/9 Day 4- Art
9/10 Day 1- Steam
9/11 Day 2- Music

Google Classroom Reminder :

Please help your student log into their email account.  You can find the log in info on the back of their take-home folder under computer log-in. Go to Gmail and then log in using their username@hpsstudents.net and then type the password.  In their email, I have sent them an invitation to log into our Google Classroom.  There, you can see our weekly slides- helpful if your student is absent.  We also have one practice assignment there.  All about Me Slides.  Please help your child to complete this at your earliest convenience.  We will use it to highlight your child when he/she is star student.


First Grade Family Time – Every Friday, all of the first graders at Georgetown get together for a little assembly! At the assembly, we celebrate our learning and birthdays from the week. We also give awards for the quote of the week, lost teeth, and shoe tying.

This week the quote was- “The only way to have a friend is to be a friend.”  Emmie was the student who showed us what this quote means this week.  We also celebrated lost teeth from Cambry, Brayden, Lucy, and Jack. We are excited to see if anyone can join the shoe-tying club this week.

Our Learning:

Word Study- We practiced snapping, clapping, and stomping the beats (syllables) in words and then blending the beats back together smoothly. We also played a game where we practiced changing the first sound (phoneme) in our classmates’ names!

Reading We started reader’s workshop this week by talking about how to be a “book buddy” instead of a “book bully” and practiced book shopping from our classroom library!

Math – This week’s math lessons focused on number formation, making partners of 10, and skip counting by 2’s and 5’s.

Technology – We learned how to log into the school computers with our usernames and passwords! We explored some word games on ABCYa

Social & Emotional – We met Mr. Penguin, a stuffed penguin who will help us talk about our emotions throughout this school year! We brainstormed lots of different emotions and learned how to use our daily “Feelings Check-In” calendars. We also do a feelings circle each morning during our morning meeting!

Week 1 is done!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, August 31 – ART
  • Tuesday, September 1 – STEAM
  • Wednesday, September 2 – MUSIC
  • Thursday, September 3 – STEAM, 12:15 pm early release
    • First Grade Family Time- we will celebrate any lost teeth, highlight students who have had birthdays, and talk about our quote of the week: “The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
  • NO SCHOOL Friday, September 4 – Monday, September 7
  • Tuesday, September 8 – PE

WOW! What an amazing first week! These first graders are ROCKSTARS and have worked so hard this week. Check out what we’ve learned so far:


Morning Routine – We are practicing using our lockers, taking care of our blue folders, and starting our morning on the right foot. Here is a picture of your child’s morning routine here at school.

Soft Start – No one likes to get right to the hardest jobs when we arrive to work in the morning! It’s helpful for our students to ease into the school day, too, by relaxing when they arrive. “Soft Start” is a time when students can chat with their friends, do a calm activity, and prepare for the day in a non-stressful way. We got to practice lots of soft start choices this week: coloring, play-doh, whiteboards, and more.

Classroom Rules – We have four important rules in our first-grade classroom. This week, we have been practicing what each rule looks like and sounds like! Following these expectations helps our classroom be a safer and more loving place where everyone can learn. Our classroom rules are: follow directions quickly, raise your hand to speak, make smart choices, and be kind.

Scoreboard – Mrs. Cooley loves playing games at school! Our class plays the scoreboard game every single day. Students want to earn “Fast Fox” points so they can race toward the finish line! But, we earn “Slow Sloth” points when we are not following classroom rules, because it slows down our classroom learning. At the end of the day, if our class earns more “Fast Fox” points, we get a STAR! 10 stars = a class reward (we are working towards a pajama day for our first reward).

Notes for Parents:

  • Check out our google classroom: Class Code: 3fvvy4n
    • Video Log-in Support
    • If you haven’t logged in yet please do so ASAP.  Our weekly slides are posted there so you can see what your child is learning or keep up if they are gone.  Our first assignment will also post Tuesday.  If you need a reminder how to log in- go to google classroom watch the video above.  Your child’s log in info came home in their blue folder and starting tomorrow you can find it on the back of their blue folder.
      • Login- username@hpsstudents.net
        •    password
  • Please send in two snacks for your child each day. It works wonderfully if these snacks are in a spot in their backpack and not in their lunchbox; this saves first graders any confusion about what they should be eating for snacks and lunches! 🙂

Normally, I will post on Fridays to let you know of the week ahead.  I hope you and your child(ren) were able to relax and enjoy sometime outside this weekend. I am excited for our first full day!  I will work hard to get some more pics and videos of your kiddos in action in the class this week.  They are truly amazing me and are definitely doing better than me in masks!!

Take care,

Mrs. Cooley

Brain Break during snack (video clip)


See you soon!

I’m so glad it’s finally back to school! Tomorrow there will be many parapros and itinerant staff to guide your child on the path to our classroom.   Hedgie and I will be waiting outside our door! A few last-minute reminders:

  1. Email Mrs. Cooley by 8:00 AM Monday if your child needs a sack lunch.
  2. Email Mrs. Cooley if your child will be getting home a different way than you filled out in the survey.
  3. We will eat only one snack on early release days.
  4. Return the blue folder back to school (if you got it Saturday) We will send home office forms Monday.
  5. Name Tag: Have your child wear one of the two nametags from their blue folder. If you didn’t get the blue folder Saturday you can make a name tag or I will give it to them when they get here.
  6. Send in your child’s “Me Bag” with two items tomorrow. If you did not get this on Saturday it will come home Monday.  You can also send two small items that are your child’s “favorites” and we’ll put it in the bag at school  We will be sharing these with the class throughout the week and send them all home by Thursday.
  7. Sunscreen: We will be outside as much as possible during these first few weeks of school! Consider applying sunscreen before sending your child to school in the morning. Thanks so much for your help!

Wow… so many reminders and I can’t imagine those of you with kids in multiple buildings.  You are all superheroes and I hope I can provide you some reprieve from your children in the coming months.  I am so excited to journey alongside you for this important year. As always, reach out if there is anything I can do to support you, your child, or answer any questions.  I will do my best to love them well tomorrow.


Quick Class Tour


Here is a quick tour of our class.  Some parts of our class are still a work in progress but by Monday it will all be ready and will feel much more complete with your children in it. I am room 102.  I am the first, first-grade classroom off of the rotunda on the south side of the hall.

I hope to see you on Saturday at supply drop off, (9am-11am, back bus loop of GES).  Please know this is completely optional and you are welcome to just come say hi if you are not ready to drop off your supplies.  Also, please feel no pressure to have supplies purchased by the first day of school.  You are welcome to send them in whenever it is convenient for your family.

See you soon,


First Grade 2020-2021

Welcome to our first-grade class blog! Please subscribe to our class blog by typing your email in the upper right-hand corner box. I will be updating it with important first-grade information throughout the school year. In addition, please make sure to subscribe to the Georgetown School Blog. Mr. Waldie will provide school-wide information on his blog throughout the school year.

Once you have subscribed and browsed through our blog, please take a moment to complete a few housekeeping items:

1. Open houses will NOT be happening this year, but I would still LOVE to meet you and your child before the first day of school! I will be sending a classroom video tour so your child can get to see our room and learn a little more about me and the upcoming year. I am planning to be in the back bus loop, Saturday, August 22, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  This will be a time for you to drop off your child’s school supplies and wave at me from the car. I can’t wait to meet your child.  If you can’t make it, please send your child’s supplies on the first day of school.

2. Please take a few quick minutes to fill out this brief Parent Survey. This survey helps me to get a better picture of your child as a learner and provides me with some necessary contact information for this year. Thank you in advance!

3. One final optional form is this Shared Parent Contact Info Form. The results will be visible to you, allowing you to contact other parents to set up playdates, birthday parties, etc.

4. Email me with a family picture for your child to have hanging up in our classroom! My email address is vcooley@hpseagles.net

5. Take a look at our first-grade school supply list and have fun shopping for these items before our first day of school.



Welcome to 2020-2021! What an adventure this year will be! I’m so glad you are here and can’t wait to meet you in person.  You can find me at GES in room 302 (first room on the right of the 4th/5th hallway). The First Grade Infomation tab has all our most important information like school supplies, our schedule.  I’ll be updating our blog often so check back for more info soon! Lots of love, Mrs. Cooley